straight from Kingston, OK

How It Started

I really believe anyone can achieve their dreams ⁠— it takes focus, dedication, sacrifice and hard work. That’s what Greg’s Rockin' Goat represents: this little guy with the big dream.

I grew up working at my mom’s diner in the town of Kingston, Oklahoma. While I was washing dishes and peeling potatoes, I was dreaming of playing drums on stage in front of thousands of people. It seemed so out of reach that it was incomprehensible.

But over the years, I went from working in that diner to playing in a cover band in Oklahoma City to playing drums with Eleven, Chris Cornell, Puddle of Mudd and now 3 Doors Down, where I’ve spent the last 16 years. It’s been a journey, and I’d like to share my story with you through something that kept me going through it all: coffee.

I’m excited to share that Greg's Rockin' Goat is just 200 yards from that same diner where these dreams all began. It’s a coffee shop with a story to tell: a story of hope and the belief that you are not limited to your surroundings or anything else for that matter.

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