12oz Dark Roast Single Origin Colombia Coffee

    12oz Dark Roast Single Origin Colombia Coffee


      Dark Roast | 12 oz. Package | Colombia Single Origin | 100% Arabica 

      Tangerine | Pineapple | Mixed Berries

      This coffee comes from our Colombia Single Origin Coffee Offering. We increase the roast level to a DARK ROAST to bring you a full body and unique flavor profile for a strong and bold cup to start your morning!

      The Colombia Single Origin Coffee comes from a Coffee Partner farm in Colombia "Finca Palmichal"

      Located in La Coqueta, Genova, Quindio at an elevation of 1,560m, this Castillo 100% Arabica coffee produces a Floral Aroma with the distinct flavors of Tangerine, Pineapple, and Mixed Berries. This coffee also exudes a silky full body with bright and winey acidity.